Sephora Chic Prints

I bought these a while back, but I could never think of anything creative to do with them. I finally figured I would just try them and see what brews in the process.

I opened the envelope and the strips come out like this.

The package comes with 16 strips varying in size. The steps are easy, start with clean nails, warm strips with your fingers and peel from backing and apply.

First, I tried to just apply them like I did the Sally Hansen Salon Effects. The only thing was that the strips didn’t quite fit my nails. They were either too big or too small. These strips were not as forgiving as the SH salon effects. They wrinkled around the edges and it was very hard to remove them. I actually couldn’t even remove them so I tore off the strip and tried again only to get the same results.

Frustrated, I improvised. I got a pair of scissors and came up with this.Some didn’t fit very well on the sides so I used my cuticle nippers to clip the sides off.

Do I like these? Yeah, I like the print a lot, but I don’t feel it was worth it to me. They are $15 at your nearest Sephora store or online here. On the back of the envelope it says that these strips only last for 1-2 days. After one day and a shower here are what the strips look like.I ended up just peeling them off. Luckily I still have about 8 strips left and a good pair of scissors.

Happy polishing.


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