I couldn’t help myself.

Ok so I know that it’s Spring. It almost feels like summer here in sunny California, but I really couldn’t help myself. It all started with a Groupon for Planet Beauty, $10 for $20. I went to Planet Beauty the week I got it and something caught my eye, but lame me didn’t buy it. A week passed and on Mother’s Day I went with my sister and my mom to Planet Beauty again. I cracked and I bought whatever it was that caught my eye plus a couple more. What could I not live without? OPI Black Satin.I’m not really big on black nail polish. I always look for dark nail polishes that have a little tint or sparkle to them and Black Satin definitely fits that category. I couldn’t stop thinking about this color because it literally looked like they shoved a swatch of actual satin inside the bottle!

Kinda wished I cut my nails a bit for this post. I just like the way dark polishes look on short nails but here are some more pictures. In an attempt to capture the detail for you I tried to get a closer shot, and it isn’t very pretty. I just got off of work and took these pictures since the bf stayed up all night playing Medal of Honor (couldn’t fall asleep to the sound of helicopters and machine guns).

That’s all folks!

Happy polishing!

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