It’s almost that time!

I am highly anticipating the Pirates of the Caribbean collection by OPI. There are a lot of great soft pastels that are going to be perfect for spring.  I called around to the local beauty supply stores and no one had the collection in yet. They expect it to be in stores by May 1st (This Sunday!!). BUT one store had in the silver shatter! I asked her to put a few on hold for me and that I will be in as soon as possible. The only thing was that I had already made plans to eat lunch with my bf. Shoot. I drove as quickly as I could to pick him up, ate enough to fill my stomach and dropped him off at work again. I was more excited to get the silver shatter than eat lunch with this guy that I see everyday anyways. 😀

Anyways, here are the swatches.

OPI Silver Shatter

It seems a little thicker than the black shatter because it is more of a glitter base. It doesn’t dry as fast as the black shatter and you can add more layers for a thicker shatter if desired. Where as the black shatter was a one coat kinda polish. As always make sure your nail lacquer is completely dry before applying the shatter. Here is another picture.If you look closely I was too impatient to get the shatter on the swatch and the base color wasn’t dry enough. Unfortunately the base color was pulled by the shatter and the swatch stick is exposed. (Take Home Message: Make sure base color is completely dry. I can’t stress this enough.)

Thats it. Stay tuned for my attempt at japanese nail art!

Happy polishing.


5 thoughts on “It’s almost that time!

  1. by the way,
    I love what you did on each nail. I like that each nail is different and that the left hand and right hand are not the same. so much fun!

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