“Haul-y” cow!!

Ok. So my collection is always growing. Most of my friends on fb saw my pile of nail polish that I just recently posted. But it’s not like that happened over night. I usually buy one here, one there. Maybe two here, four there… The point is, it doesn’t just happen. I’ll just be out somewhere and I would stroll into a store and take a peak at the colors they have in stock and if I like it, I buy it.  I don’t just buy a whole basket full of nail polish. That would be crazy… 😐 … I can tell my bf is reading this and shaking his head and to you babe, I shrug my shoulders and say “Whatever.” ( ❤ you! :D) Anywho…

Here are my recent purchases over the past couple of months.

First, if you guys are frequent Nordstrom shoppers, like yours truly, you would have seen the new display of butter London nail lacquer.  Not only are they selling them at Nordstrom, but now they are available at Ulta also at the “wonderful” price of $14. Honestly, I thought $8.50 was a quite a bit for nail polish, but when I used this nail lacquer I knew why they called it “butter.” And everyone loves butter (MmmMMmMmmm). Here are the two colors I picked up.

butter London Big Smoke

butter London Jaffy

For each color I did two swatches. I either topped each color with OPI Black Shatter or OPI I Juggle…Men. If you click on each picture, you can see more detail if desired.

These two I picked up at Sephora the other day along with a package of Chic Prints (that review to come later).

HK collection Purple Sprinkles

HK collection Pink Sprinkles

These two are very light in color. The Purple Sprinkles has a little more color than the Pink Sprinkles, but in order for me to capture a more accurate color of the Purple Sprinkles I had to change the settings a bit on my point and shoot camera.  Another note on the Purple Sprinkles, if you are thinking about putting shatter on top of it ****make sure you add a top coat FIRST**** Because if you put the shatter directly onto Purple Sprinkles, this happens

Purple Sprinkles and black shatter

Absolutely nothing. Please learn from my mistake. I even tried it twice.

The next two are essie. Hate their brush, love their colors.

essie Master Plan

essie Tart Deco

I love these colors. I feel like essie doesn’t have much pizzazz to their collections as far as glitter goes and what-not, but for pure colors I think essie rocks it. I know you might be thinking butter London Jaffy and essie Tart Deco look the same, but Tart Deco is much more peachy than Jaffy. But both are perfect for Spring.

My last four recent purchases are OPI Simply Smashing, In the Spot-light Pink, I Vant to be a Lone Star, and Funky Dunky.

OPI Simply Smashing

OPI Simply Smashing is part of Serena William’s Glam Slam Collection that was released in January 2011. Such a fun color. Even more amazing when topped with Black Shatter.

OPI In the Spot-Light Pink

I ordered this the week of my interview hoping it would come in time, but there was a mix up with the girl who was selling it through amazon and I didn’t receive it until the tuesday after. Besides that this color is part of the Femme de Cirque collection that was released the first of this month for OPI’s SoftShades collection. This color is VERY soft, almost too soft. I believe this swatch was three or four coats.

OPI I Vant to be a Lone Star

This color is so awesome. It’s a nice pale blue with the right amount of shimmer. And then if you top it with I Juggle…Men, it gets even more…awesome…

OPI Funky Dunky

This color is from the Shrek Forever After Collection that was released in May 2010. I know it’s an old collection, but hey, it’s still a great color. And I love it when it’s topped with I Juggle…Men.

That’s it for now. Can’t wait until May 1st for the Pirates of the Caribbean Collection and the new Serena Williams Duo packs. I’m gonna go broke and you guys are gonna see nothing but swatches! hahah.

Goodnight. Be safe. And everyone have a Happy Easter!

Happy polishing.


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