Everything but the kitchen sink!

Last week I was in San Francisco for the Giants vs Dodgers game. I bought two lower box tickets for my bf for Christmas, gotta love celebrating Christmas in April! The game wasn’t until 7pm so we spent most of the day walking around San Francisco.  My two go-to destinations are Union Square and Japan Town.  My main goal in Japan town was to pick up a new hair magazine because I am way over due for a hair cut, but instead I picked up a hair arrangement magazine.  I was about to walk over to the cash register when this caught my eye…

Nail Venus Spring 2011

Yes. It is exactly what it looks like. I’ve been flipping through this magazine all week too! Most of it is acrylic nail art, something I’ve never done, but nonetheless, very cool stuff. Here are some things that I saw in the magazine. They’ve inspired me and I hope they could do the same for you guys.

Something I can read!

Metallic Reverse French Tip

I’m trying to figure out where you can get these cute zipper hardware pieces!

One of the reasons why I love Japanese magazines are the detailed How-Tos. They show you the tools you need and the steps.  These are all done by hand. No stickers, no stamps, no tape!

They even show you designs that take your winter color to spring!

Need more inspiration? Just look in your closet!

Love this one! So cute and perfect for spring!This one was way cool. Makes me wanna jump on a plane to Japan just to get my nails done!

Yet another…

These two last photos are pretty crazy. Makes me wonder how they get anything done! JK. Looks like they are just for fashion shows.


We aren’t far from this here in America. I just went to the nail beauty supply store and they were selling a box of kiwis and strawberries just for this purpose!

How will she open a can of soda or type with these things? Crazy-ness I tell you. Pure crazy-ness.

Am I going to try something like this? Maybe not the last two, but you can bet that I’ll give the others a try.  Hope this gives you guys a bit of inspiration when doing your nails. Or just go to your favorite nail salon and ask if they can do it for you! Why not right?

Happy polishing!


2 thoughts on “Everything but the kitchen sink!

  1. Wow! That is just crazy-cool! I don’t think the last two are practical either 🙂 certainly inspirational tho. Can’t wait to see your results!

  2. How do you change the baby’s diaper or pick food out of your teeth? Totally impractical. ;p

    I love the last picture, how extend the manicure to the fingers! Looks like you need all day to do those. Can’t wait to see one.

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