Skip the Chip…

Ok I’m so happy about this that it couldn’t wait until the weekend. I literally just got home from work and took pictures of my nails. If you’ve been reading my posts you know that I picked up OPI ChipSkip. ChipSkip primes your nails to allow the nail lacquer to adhere to your nails better to prevent chipping. I thought that I could put it through a pretty intense test at work because I’m always using my hands. It’s been two days and they haven’t chipped yet. I know you’re thinking your nail polish should last you longer than two days without chipping, but like I said, I use my hands a lot at work and sometimes my nail polish doesn’t even last a day.  Here is a picture of my results.

Sorry for the dry cuticles, I tried to alleviate it with a little bit of lotion, but I couldn’t. Like I said, just got off of work. But the only thing wrong is on my middle finger. The nail polish is wearing away because I was picking at a lot of stickers today, but still no chip.

That’s my exciting news for today. If you don’t have some of this stuff and your nails are always chipping, I would recommend this. But always remember to paint the edge of your nails too with lacquer and top coat.

*Peace Sign*

Happy polishing.


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