Man what a weekend.

Sorry for not having many posts lately. I’ve picked up more hours at work and this weekend was full of so many “festivities,” I just couldn’t keep up.  I tried, but failed to do a manicure that was worth posting.  I’ve tried about three this whole weekend and they were all a bust!

My first manicure was supposed to be something badass because my bf just bought a handgun and insists that I learn how to shoot it.  So he dragged me over to the local shooting range in which I planned to have shiny black nails topped with black shatter. And I know you’re thinking “Black on black doesn’t work, duh.” It’s exactly what I thought too, but somehow I convinced myself to do it because the black shatter dries matte. So I thought it would be a cool textured manicure, but it wasn’t (FAIL #1).  Black shatter doesn’t dry as matte as you would think, it’s just not as shiny as a normal cream polish would, for example OPI Black Onyx. Gosh just the plain black was so shiny without the top coat and then I had to go mess it all up with the shatter. I didn’t take off my nail polish hoping that it would look better throughout the day, it didn’t. It looked like I had the plague, on my nails. Yuck. (Enter disgusted face here.)

My second manicure was to lift my spirits. I opted for my sparkly China Glaze Atlantis, a blueish-green glitter gel. Lets just say…it didn’t perform. It is a great color don’t get me wrong, but it just fell flat (FAIL #2). No shine, nothing. I added two top coats and still nothing (Maybe it’s just that time of month for me or something). Whatever I just left it. Went to sleep hoping I will wake up on the right side of the bed.

My third manicure for this weekend was an attempt to try something new.  I went into Ulta Friday afternoon to see they had a small display of Zoya nail laquer. I was about to purchase them but instead I had the girl at Ulta hold sthem for me because I remembered that I had a coupon at home. Got the coupon, returned to Ulta, bought the nail polish, got home all excited because I have never used Zoya before and I’ve seen it on many other blogs and such, and then what? Frustration, frustration frustration. Here are the colors I purchased.

Zoya: Danni and Jules

I was really excited to try both of these colors but Danni ruined it for me. It seemed thicker than it should of been, seeing as how I just purchased it, and it didn’t even going on smoothly. Maybe I’m so used to the wide brush that OPI uses, but man this came out horribly. It also took forever for the layers to dry. I ended up becoming too impatient so I painted my second layer apparently too soon and I got tiny ugly bubbles (FAIL #3)! This I would expect from a nail polish that I have had for a couple of years, not from one that I had purchased only an hour ago. I returned both of them as soon as possible.

I’ve been racking my brain trying to understand what the heck I was thinking this weekend. But I think I’m just going to stick to my trusty OPI collection.

In the whole mess of things though, I did happen to pick up this:

OPI Chip Skip

I use my hands a lot at work and my nail polish always ends up chipping one way or another, so lets see if this works.

Hope you guys had a happier time polishing than I did.

Happy polishing.


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