Crack it or Shatter it?

So recently I was at lunch with a group of my friends and they had asked me if I noticed any major difference between China Glaze Crackle and OPI Shatter. There isn’t much difference between the two, but for this post I did comparison swatches and you guys can be the judge.

To make it fair, the base coat on each swatch is China Glaze White Cap from the Anchor’s Away collection. I tested thin coats, thick coats, and patterns.

First I did thin coats of each. On the left is China Glaze and on the right is OPI


CG Black Mesh vs OPI Black Shatter (Thin)

This isn’t the best picture, sorry. But I noticed that the OPI Black Shatter Gives much longer “shards” than the China Glaze Black Mesh does.  The first thing I noticed right away was how much easier it was to apply the OPI because of their wide brush.

Second, I laid it on thick. I have China Glaze on the left and OPI on the right.

CG Black Mesh vs OPI Black Shatter (Thick)

With this run it was obvious how much flatter the OPI dried in comparison to the CG. You can see the bumps and raised portions of the China Glaze crackle, whereas the OPI shatter is much flatter and smoother. As far as the pattern is concerned, the OPi still breaks in long “shards”, but you can see more of the base color.  You can see more base color under the CG, but they are in blocks which is interesting.


OPI Black Shatter (Criss-Cross & Slow Swipe)

Here is only OPI shatter applied in slight patterns.  On the left swatch I created a “V” pattern down the nail. This was a little different for me to do because I am so used to doing one swipe down the middle and two down the sides. It was a little difficult to get the even consistency so some parts were quite stringy.  On the right swatch I swiped this one really slow. I swiped very slowly, stopped and kept swiping. You don’t want to work too slow because it will start to dry on the brush, but I thought it was cool to get the lines through the shatter instead of being random. I couldn’t get my side swipes to match up just right though. Oops.


OPI Black Shatter (Thick & Across)

Sorry this picture is blurry, looks like I need to take some more photography classes. BUT the left swatch isn’t that special It was just a thick test again. The right swatch is OPI shatter swiped across the nail. This way was very stringy I thought. Maybe if applied thicker it won’t be as stringy, but none the less, different.


CG Black Mesh ("V" & Across)

This swatch is of CG in the “V” pattern and across the nail. Again its bumpy, I don’t get it. but the pattern isn’t as apparent in the ‘V” swatch. Same with the pattern across the nail, there is a huge chunk of the crackle in the middle of the nail that I can’t quite get over.


CG Black Mesh (Thick & Lightening stroke)

On these last two swatches I did a thick coat (left) and lightening pattern (right). I did a lightening pattern because I was kind of disappointed that the CG didn’t show a very good “V” pattern, so I thought I would attempt a slightly different patter, and I still wasn’t too happy.  The thick coat still chunked and clumped together.  But another thing that I noticed with the CG was the little flakes dispersed between the pattern. The OPI has little flakes too, but not as much as CG had.

The main reason why I did this was because OPI is coming out with a shatter collection.  I have been looking for more CG white crackle and I was notified that stores would get more crackle in April. BUT I am going to wait until May to get my white OPI shatter just because after my comparisons, I much more prefer the OPI over the CG, but that’s my opinion. You guys be the judge.

Happy polishing!


2 thoughts on “Crack it or Shatter it?

  1. I’m team OPI too! lol… I like the thicker brush as well & I can’t wait to try applying it sideways! I didn’t even think of that! 🙂

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