Fading away…

I was supposed to post this last night, but I ended up staying at work longer than expected. That also means that I didn’t have enough time to paint my nails before I went out for my friend’s birthday. What a major faux pas, right? A person that does a nail blog that goes out to public events not wearing nail polish. It’s whatever. But no worries though, more money for my nail fund :).

Anyways, this post is about gradient manicures.  Most of the tutorials I found were for fading colors, but I though it would be more fun to do a glitter gradient. It follows the same technique though.  There are other techniques out there, so if you find this one isn’t for you, by all means explore.  I wanted to use my OPI Teenage Dream pink glitter polish so I had to pick my base colors that matched.

Nicole by OPI Love Your Life, OPI Hawaiian Orchid, OPI Elephantastic Pink, OPI Teenage Dream

These are the four that I picked.  I used OPI Elephantastic Pink as a tip base to start the gradient. Layered on top of that was OPI Hawaiian Orchid. Next I used OPI Teenage Dream and I finished it off with Nicole by OPI Love Your Life.

Heres the tutorial:

OPI Elephantastic Pink

Ok I started with a regular base coat first, of course. Then I only painted my tips with my darkest pink.  Always start out with a cream nail polish not a sheer polish otherwise it won’t be as effective.

OPI Hawaiian Orchid

Next, painting just above the tip line add your second color. Your second color should be sheer enough to let your base color shine through, but creamier enough to blend the two together.

OPI Teenage Dream

Again, starting just above your previous color, paint on your third polish. This last color should be sheer also so you can get the same blending effect between your other two layers.  The more you paint on, the darker the tips become.  Since I was using a glitter polish I added more glitter on the tip first for a more obvious glitter effect. When adding the next layer, make sure you always start above your previous line.

Nicole by OPI Love Your Life

My last layer I used a less dense glitter to have a more dispersed effect. Your last layer should be the most sheer, almost clear. A lot of other tutorials suggest using a light glitter polish.

Here are some pictures of the finished product. Finally some sunlight out so I took some outside shots for you too. Click on the pictures to see a more up close and almost too personal shot.

I am really loving this one right now. But I’m curious to do other colors…Leave a comment, let me know what you think!

Hope you enjoyed! Happy polishing!


6 thoughts on “Fading away…

  1. Poo poo. I tried this and it doesn’t look nice like that. Now I know why you need so many different nail polishes. Time to stock up!!

  2. I used all the same nail colors that you used here and mine is MUCH brighter pink due to Elephantastic Pink. Did you edit your photos to lighten the colors? I swear, mine look pretty, but nothing like the pretty pale pink gradient you’ve got here.

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