I Won’t Give Up On You Just Yet!!

Just as the title reads, don’t give up on you’re favorite colors just yet.  They may have gotten pretty thick over time, but there is still hope.  For St. Patty’s Day I planned on doing gold tips, but when it came to it, my OPI Gift of Gold was way too thick!  In the end I took of my decorated nails and the next morning I swiped them quickly with Jade is the New Black. I’m not ready to throw out my beautiful sparkly nail polish just because it’s too thick, so I convinced my bf to drive me around in the storm to get me some nail polish thinner. What a sweetheart <3. Anyways, I remembered I wanted to use one of my favorite purples, OPI Lourve Me Lourve Me Not but it looked way disgusting so I screwed the top on and threw it back in my box.  Sad, but not anymore. Here is a picture of what it looked like before I added the thinner.

OPI Lourve Me Lourve Me Not before adding thinner

It was so thick.  I didn’t have much trouble getting this shot without flash because that drop of polish sat there for at least a minute. So gross.

The instructions say to add a couple of drops of thinner in, cap, and shake well.  If it isn’t at your desired consistency then add more.  I added two, rolled it around, gave it a good shake, not enough.  I added two more, still not enough, but close.  Two more and voila! It was like new again. Make sure you test it out on a nail or swatch to make sure it is the perfect consistency. Notice this droplet is thinner and ready to drop. Suh-weet!

OPI Lourve Me Lourve Me Not after thinner

Here is what my glitter nail polish looked like before I added the thinner.  The same problem as with the purple, big, sticky bulge of polish that was determined to stay on the brush.

OPI Gift of Gold before adding thinner

Yuck. Looking at this picture makes me sick.  Before it was advised NOT to add thinner to glitter polishes, but last week OPI had announced that it is OK.  Hope no one threw away any of their polishes.  I was getting so mad using it I almost did. This one took quite a bit more thinner than the purple. I didn’t even count how many drops. I just kept adding and adding because it was so thick!  Eventually the polish thinned out and the result, a nice, smooth droplet.

OPI Gift of Gold after thinner

Hope you guys haven’t thrown out any of your polishes yet.  Have faith in the thinner.  It could be your new best friend too.

Happy polishing!


5 thoughts on “I Won’t Give Up On You Just Yet!!

  1. I have a Thinner for Seche Vite. Do you think can use it in all of my other polishes, or is there something special about it? What’s the main ingredient in your thinner?

    Btw, I am a bit obsessed with Crackle, after seeing your photos. I got the gray, and nw I’m waiting to receive more colors! Which do you have/like?

    • The main ingredients I have are Butyl Acetate, Ethyl Acetate, and Heptane. I just purchased mine from Sally’s Beauty supply. I’m sure your’s works better. As for crackle I have the black mesh and broken hearted. I also have two bottles of the black shatter by OPI. I’m waiting for the white crackle and the silver shatter though.

  2. Genius! I tried putting nailpolish remover in and that doesn’t work.

    Time to head down to the store and get some thinner!!

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