Stay Healthy and Strong.

I have been asked how to keep your nails healthy and strong.  At first my answer was “I dunno.” But I have spent some time walking up and down the nail care aisle at the drug store. And then I went to Sally’s Beauty Supply and found nothing more than base coats with nail strengtheners.  I returned home with nothing, but found websites like Reader’s Digest and Good Housekeeping, that had great tips to keeping your nails healthy and strong.

My nails were always peeling.  I never knew why, but If you think about it, nails are hard extensions of your skin.  If your skin gets dry and peels, then so will your nails. This brings us to our first tip, hydration.  A little lotion never hurt anyone.  Reader’s Digest suggests using petroleum jelly on your cuticles and nails whenever they feel dry.

Tip #2: Buffing your nails.  Buffing nails helps to increase blood circulation to the nail allowing your nails to grow through stimulation. So if you have time during Real Housewives of Orange County (or whatever your guilty pleasure), start buffing.

Tip #3: Milk does a body good…and so does a hard boiled egg apparently.  Both are rich in zinc that are essential for your nails.  If you have white spots it might mean you have a zinc deficiency, so drink up!

Tip #4:  If you want nails as hard as horses hooves or tiger claws (ok not really), biotin is your answer.  At Walmart I purchased a bottle of Hair, Skin, Nails which has 28 key ingredients including 3,000 mcg (or 3mg) of biotin per serving.  

Those are just some quick tips I found scattered around the internet. Hope this helps!

Happy polishing!


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