Swirled around my finger.

So I have been seeing a lot of marbling going around on the internet and it reminded me of the 90’s when my sisters and I got handfuls of these marbling nail polishes.  Before you had to use ice water and these “special” polishes to create swirls on your nails.  Now a cup of plain ol’ tap water does the trick with any nail polish you want.  Instead of doing my whole nail, however, I thought I would be a little different and do just half.  I don’t have long nails so trying any nail art on these short bad boys makes no sense really. But I am gonna give this a try.

First I started with a base color. This color is part of the Anchor’s Away collection by China Glaze called Knotty. It’s the perfect nude for me and it has a little bit of glitter in it.  After this base color dried completely I taped off my nails, leaving only the half I wanted marbled exposed.




Then I chose about four colors to use for the marbling.  From the left I chose Blue my mind, Yodel me on my cell, Happy Anniversary, and Sea! I told you so. You have to work fast so open all the tops before you get started.

Place drops of nail polish into the water in any order you want really.  After you drop one in, let it disperse.




Using a toothpick or whatever your tool of choice, drag the nail polish across each border to make a marble/ swirl effect.  Once you find a design in the water that you like, dip your finger in!


It makes quite a mess if you are doing your whole nail. Luckily I only did half and had tape all over my fingers!



I did remove the tape to see what it looks like and this was the outcome. My middle finger is messed up because I was too impatient putting the tape on, so when I pulled it off the nail polish went with it.  To jazz it up a little more I added some shatter.  Some were against the shatter (*cough*my bf*cough*cough*), but I say screw it and just give it a try.  So here is the finished product!

This is the fanciest my nails have ever been.  I’m usually a one color kind of gal, but I’m not afraid of changing it up a bit.  Hope you enjoyed!

And as always, happy polishing!


9 thoughts on “Swirled around my finger.

  1. Sweet! I like your techniques on the 1/2 and 1/2 and swirl.. I think I should get some OPI especially the drip dry you mentioned cause I don’t have too much time to be waitin’ around! ALSO, what’s that glittery pink OPI in your header? *WANT*

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